Our community adopts the following principles as fundamental values in the whole human development of its students:

  • Respect,¬†towards the inalienable rights of human beings, freedom of thought, the preservation of life and special respect for our academic and administrative authorities.
  • The responsability, to be disciplined in personal and group interactions.
  • Justice, as an effective recognition of the rights of oneself and others.
  • Solidarity, both at school and socially, to support the causes of the underprivileged.
  • Freedom,¬†based on responsability.
  • Tolerance, as free and respectful of diversity reception.
  • National Identity, shown in the love to the country and its national symbols.
  • Equality, expressed on non-discrimination.
  • Excellence in all our individual and group actions as part of our social commitment.
  • Multiculturalism, human expression of diversity and necessity in the formation of world citizens.