The Preschool stage is composed of children aged from 2 to 5 years old. Our facilities are safe, clean, attractive and spacious. We count classrooms with air conditioning, courtyard , playground, lunch area and swimming pool. Our English program begins at Pre-K  level, children around 3 years old. We use the play and learn methodology, which allows a quick language learning . This methodology is based on games, songs, stories, phrases and messages related to the daily basis of our students as well as situations in which they can be involved. During the preschool years, we also offer to our students specific physical activities that help develop their psycho-motor development. These skills are very important as fine and gross motor skills help organize childrenĀ“s minds and thereby contribute to the process of literacy and cognitive organization required for overall learning.

Our Program:

Language/Literacy Children learn to communicate naturally, so we provide them with relevant situations, tasks and activities to increase their vocabulary and language development. To achieve our goal we use different educational resources, such as textbooks, flashcards, group activities, games, songs, puppets, exercises, videos, dramas, stories, and a variaty of fine motor and hand writing activities.

Mathematics The learning of mathematics comes along with the understanding of numeracy followed by the need and ability to solve problems. The children are exposed to practical experiences and concrete, educational materials also known as manipulatives,  that support cognitive development. This area of knowledge includes numerical recognition, discrimination, classification, shape, space and measures and the age-appropriate algebraic concepts of patterns and symbolic relationships, etc.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The success of our children will depend on having their own, positive conception of themselves and the world around them, so it is important to develop a strong self, esteem and the belief that they can determine their own success. We know that each child is unique and that their needs are different, by promoting their individuality , values and good habits, we establish the basis for a healthy coexistence in a diverse, increasingly globalized world.

P.E for Preschooler

P.E. program provide a range of specifically-designed agility, balance and coordination activities that help develop basic physical motor and social skills in a fun learning environment. Swimming Class Children older than 3 years old take swimming classes once a week. This is an optional service offered by the school within the curriculum.

Knowledge of the world This area integrates the fundamental aspects of understanding the world and what their role will be as future citizens in it. We promote knowledge of science, technology, history, geography and national environment from both a local and global, or international world view.   Creative development A creative child is more successful in learning. We encourage the creativity of our students through various activities including art, music, drama and imaginative play.   Music Our proposal offered an early learning program worldwide leader in developing listening, cognitive and motor skills through music and movement.

Birthday Celebration

Birthdays celebrated at CIS for preschoolers,  we dedicate the last Friday of each month to celebrate the birthdays of  children desiring to do so, from 10:30 am to 12.00 m. You must must submit a request to the Preschool Principal, on week in advance to reserve the day. Children must wear the school uniforms in during birthday celebrations. If only some students within the group are going to be invited to an event, invitations must be delivered outside school. Parents are responsible for decorating, organizing and cleaning areas designated for these purposes.