The Philosophy of Cathedral International School is based on the promotion of universal values of humanity and excellence of its actions and behavior to a more fair and equitable world. In our educational processes, we are mainly constructivist, following the thought line that promotes, encourages, and gives the tools to discover knowledge. Teachers, according to this view, assist and facilitate the achievement of learning goals, providing the tools and knowledge, taking into consideration students’ needs and learning styles. Our philosophy advocates the importance of school social context bound to learning, even during individual activities. This platform itself must foster the freedom of each individual and the awareness of his role as a member of a group. We believe in education that teaches us to conceive a man as a social and active entity. In our teaching techniques and methods, we recognize the influence of other educational trends, which, although relegated by behaviorists, can be useful in certain times and learning styles. As defined by the theory of multiple intelligences, we make efforts every day to have our educational goals coincide with students’ talent areas, taking into account the processes more than the results, helping them open their paths to knowledge construction. Our Mission Forming critical, creative and competitive human beings, committed to excellence and the practice of human values, supported by a comprehensive, technological and cutting edge curriculum as well as an educational community-identified identified with our proposal. Our Vision is to be recognized within our school community and society as a model school among our country’s educational institutions. Our country promotes technological, cultural development, being a modern, dynamic and innovative institution. To develop the value of excellence in each member of our school, shown in each of them’s actions, students’ daily life is more successful an, d enjoyable.