During these years, our school provides an English Immersion Program in all the basic subjects- math, science, social studies, English language arts, and technology; classes conducted in Spanish focus on Spanish language arts, social studies, and civics. Some specialized classes, such as art, music, and physical education, may be presented in English or Spanish.

This model has become known as the dual-language model and has the highest yield in achievement results in both English and Spanish, this

helps our students to have a better understanding of the English Language as well as the optimal development of the oral expression in both languages, the result is a fully bilingual education, which will enable our students to achieve levels unsurpassed in their education.

During these six years of this school, our students will be able to acquire the knowledge that will guide them in developing their academic and personal skills. All these skills learned will enable them to have an excellent performance in different environments, which they will encounter in an increasingly competitive, globalized, and rapidly changing world. All these skills will be achieved through pedagogical processes that will fill them with excitement and joy at discovering new things. Because nowadays our society is undergoing major changes and advances in the area of technology, CIS, integrates computer classes at all levels to keep up with the forefront of modern times and the demand for 21st-century skills. Also, CIS has begun its study of the Common Core Standards (CCS), proposed by the United States in 2010, for all international schools, to prepare students for the rigor of global competitiveness and success at the university level.