Admission Process

Admission process starts with a first contact with Admission Department to schedule a tour or an appointment. Later the student will  have an academic and psychological evaluation. The day of the evaluation, parents and guardians must fill out a form and provide  previous year or updated Report Cards.
Pay the corresponding fee. And the results of the evaluation will be given by the School Area Principal with the recommendation regarding acceptance. If the student is accepted, the registration process must be done in the following 10 working days.

From kindergarten to 4th grade, it is not necessary to have prior knowledge of English. Our institution offers a special program, for students below English level, during the school year and as summer program.

Required Documents
1. Registration form.
2. Original birth certificate.
3. Report cards from current school year (validated by MINERD).
4. Official Certificate of 8th grade (for 9th to 12th grade candidates).
5. 9th grade certificated (for 10th to 12th grade candidates).
6. Medical record.
7. Vision and hearing medical certificate.
8. Immunization record (preschool to 1st grade).
9. 2 photos 2×2.
10. Balance letter of the last school year tuition.
11. Recommendation letter from last school.
12. I.D or Passport copy of parents or guardians.

If you are interested to apply at CIS S.D.E., complete the following registration forms:

pdf-icon Solicitud de Admisión pdf-icon Ficha de Inscripción pdf-icon Formulario Médico