Academic Area

Administrative Manager The Administrative Manager gives support to all the school areas. She/he has been assigned to administer the financial and technological resources, the materials, and administrative personnel. Also, she plans, performs, controls, and evaluates the acquisition of goods and services and the use and maintenance of the facilities and equipment of the school. Responsibilities of this department are: Accounting This operates a comprehensive system of registration, emission, and information control information of the school’s financial movements, managing the annual budgets. Budget She/he makes and manages the budget according to the Board policies, to ensure the school activities. Treasury She/he guarantees the answer to the school’s financial commitments through the correct administration and control of the monetary resources and supporting documentation. Operations Manager: The Operations Manager is responsible for the coordination and management of the departments that provide the school’s goods and services, such as the bookstore, cafeteria, and school transport. Human Resources & Communication Department This department plans and organizes the recruitment and selection of qualified personnel according to the school’s administrative and academic units. It is also responsible for keeping parents, students, and faculty informed about the school activities. Secretary The secretary has assigned several duties: Please provide all information about our school and answer the phone calls, helping the parents of our students and providing them the required information. Cashier The Cashier’s office is a sub-department of the administration. They are in charge of receiving payments and tuition. Technical support The School has outsourced this service. It guarantees the technical support to our hardware and software. Web Monitoring Software Maintenance IP directory administration E-mail and webmail administration and maintenance Security