Academic Division

The Executive Director. Is the highest authority at the school and serves as the educational team leader, responsible for managing the policies, regulations and procedures to ensure that all students are supervised in a safe learning environment that meets the approved curricula and mission of the school.
Academic Director. The Academic Director is responsible to the General Director for matters relating to the management and delivery of teaching in the School. She/he oversees the school activity on daily bases. New programs, curricula revision processes according to NEASC standars and the improvement of our academic programs are also her/his responsability.
Admissions Director. The Admissions Director is the person responsible for the school data and records. Directs and coordinates the admissions process according to policies developed by the board and the Ministry of Education. Confers with staff of other schools to explain admission requirements and student transfer credit policies. Participates in the preparation of printed materials explaining admission requirements and transfer credit policies to inform parents and students.  Admissions department  issues all documentation needed by the students.   Every report card or recommendation letter is issued by him/her. Academic Principal. They are responsible for overseeing the academic activity of  their departments (Preschool, Elementary, Middle & High School, and Sports),  monitoring and evaluating the processes following the students performance, enforcing the procedures and keeping an open communication with parents. Academic Secretary. She/he is the liason between the school and the Ministry of Education for all communications, procedures,and documents required. School Counselor. School Counselor helps students make decisions that affect their personal and academic development, and provides conflict-solving sessions with students, parents and teachers. In Elementary School the work is mainly with students who disrupt classrooms or get into trouble, to obtain academic excellence believing that Every Child Can Learn, helping them to achieve the best of their abilities. In High School, the Counselor works with the students to help them choose their careers. With the Seniors, he/she administers vocational test and provides them with scholarship information, training manuals, and collage catalogs.