High School includes grades  from 7th to 12th. The main purpose of this educational step is all about preparing our students for the «real world». High school gives a chance to grow up mentally, emotionally and physically. We educate them to have knowledge, 21st century skills and training in cultural aspects which continually reinforce the knowledge acquired in each of the previous years. Another of our goals is to motivate the growth of values, trust, self-esteem and academic preparation to obtain the necessary tools to enter college.

The high school curriculum is based on the concept of pre-college preparation. We consider very important to urge our students to do their utmost to obtain rigorous levels of academic achievement, in order to ensure greater results in their professional lives. During these years our students can participate in several academic activities, community service and leadership skills activities, like cultural and science fairs, modals of United Nations (CILA and Harvard-Mun), that offer outstanding opportunities for active learning. We provide students with tools that will enhance their intellectual maturity and personal growth. We offer a versatile education that will enable them to adapt to  changes in our society.